Top Grammy Song Nominees of all time: A Definitive Ranking.

The Final Eight nominees for Song of the year at the GRAMMYs 2024 are confirmed from some of music’s biggest names;

1-Lana Del Rey,

2-Miley Cyrus,

3-Billie Eilish,

4-Olivia Rodrigo,

5-Jon Batiste,

6-Taylor swift,


8-Dua Lipa.

The Song of the year GRAMMY Award honors the best releases in the music industry, and the 8 nominees for the golden gramophone at the 2024 GRAMMYs come from a variety of established vocalist/song writers.

From dance anthems to pop bops, ballads and R&B smashes, the nominees for song of the year showcase the breath of emotions of the previous year.

Have a look on the nominations of singers/songwriters, and Songs.

Songwriters- Jack Antonoff, Lana del Rey & Sam Dew

The 2nd single from her 9th studio album, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, “A&W” is a new addition to Lana Del Rey’s expensive discography.Lana-Del-Rey-IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

Another shattered role of the American Dream, the 7-minute epic, oscillates from madness to exhaustion, as Del Rey explained feeling burned out by being objectified and perceived as an “American Whore.”

What starts as a psychedelic folk ballad erupts into a defiant trap number interpolated with a doo-wop  standard by the 4 min. mark of the chaotic number.

“I’m a princess, I’m divisive/ask me why I’m like this/maybe I just kind of like this, “Del Rey anxiously warbles. After, she showed her resignation over rape culture:

“if I told you that I was raped/ Do You really think that anybody would think/ I didn’t ask for it? I didn’t ask for it/ I won’t testify, I already f—-ed up my story.”

Songwriters- Jack Antonoff & Taylor Swift

“Anti –Hero” showed us a new side of Taylor swift – a infrequent moment where the 33-year-old pop star confronted her flaws publicly by her song.

“I truly don’t think I have delved this long into my insecurities in this detail prior, “Taylor said, of the song in an Instagram post. Not to sound too dark, but, I like, I just struggle with the idea of not feeling like a person.”Taylor-Swift-Jack-Anthonoff-IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

  • “Butterfly”- Jon Batiste

Songwriters- Jon Bariste & Dan Wilson.

You know what makes Jon Batiste’s “Butterfly” so amazing song it’s the story behind the song. The deep mesmerizing soul fusion track is an iteration of the lullabies Batiste penned while his wife Suleika Jaouad was admitted in hospital for her Cancer treatment.

  • “Dance The Night” (From Barbie The album)- Dua Lipa.

Songwriter- Caroline Ailin, Dua Lipa, Mark Ronson & Andrew Wyatt.

‘Future Nostalgia’ The song released in COVID-19 pandemic, Dua Lipa  proved she could master the art of escapism.

On “Dance The Night” a thrilling dance pop number from the star-studded Barbie soundtrack, she channels that same inspiration with a side of glammer.Dua-Lipa-IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

  • Flowers”- Miley Cyrus.

Songwriter- Miley Cyrus, Gregory Aldae Hein & Michael Pollack.

The singer Miley Cyrus has perfected the art of rebuilding herself. With the post breakup number- “Flowers” she reclaimed her freedom and took a rough turn from gritty rock back into pop music.

I can take myself dancing, yeah/I can hold my own hand/ yeah, I can love me better than you can, “she belts over a disco-pop beat.”

  • “Kill Bill”- SZA

Songwriter- Rob Bisel, Carter Lang & Solana Rowe.

The song finalised on the R&B vocalist’s latest album, SOS, for not just its cheeky wordplay but for how visceral she played the devastation of a breakup.

  • Vampire Olivia Rodrigo.

Songwriter- Daniel Nigro & Olivia Rodrigo.

Just like her fantastic debut “Drivers License,” Olivia Rodrigo opted for a swelling power ballad for the lead single of her sophomore album Guts. On Vampire, “The vocalist/songwriter remembered a parasitic connection with a swelling power ballad that erupts into a bombing guitar breakdown.

  • “What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] – Billie Eilish.”

Songwriter- Billie Eilish O’Connell & Finneas O’Connell.

Not just the Barbie movie a massive blockbuster but also its song was too, thanks to a slew of chart-topping artists additionally Dua Lipa, HAIM & Sam smith. So it is no surprise that Billie Eilish made that list as well, and delivered a gutting ballad that song one of the most heartbreaking moments of the movie.


Billie Eilish told to Zane Lowe of apple music, At the time of writing this song, I tried to embody the essence of the life-sized doll herself. “she said- I was purely inspired by this film and thus portrayal and the way I thought she would feel, and wrote about that.”

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