Sunny Hostin’s Husband Reacts to Doug E. Fresh Incident on “The View”

Recently Sunny Hostin‘s spouse seemed to took a moment to, uh, not enjoy The View of hip-hop icon Doug E. Fresh dancing with his wife at the time of a live episode of the show.

The official expert and long time View panelist opened on Tuesday’s episode of the Behind the Table podcast that her husband, Emmanuel “Manny” Hostin, was seem quite angry as he watched the recording artist approach Hostin on stage in the middle of a special performance on her Oct. 20 birthday episode.

“I don’t know if you remember, during my birthday show when we had the 50 years of hip-hop, Doug E. Fresh came up to me and, in my husband’s view, danced a little too close to me,” Sunny told

Sunny Hostin's spouse, The View

The View producer named Brian Teta on the podcast, to answer to a playful fan asking for inquiring about how Sunny’s spouse felt about her affinity for actor Idris Elba. “I only looked into the audience and took one look at his face … and scooted over so quickly. I didn’t even think I had it in me to move that quickly. We got into the car, and he said, ‘What the bleep was that?”

Teta exclaimed, “Wow, Doug E. got fresh,” to which Sunny responded, “Doug E. got too fresh for Manny, and he doesn’t like it. You could say he is worse than I am. We don’t like that stuff.”

EW went to representatives for Sunny and Fresh for comment.

On Hostin’s 55th birthday telecast, she told to the audience that she “wanted to support celebrate 50 years of hip-hop with artists who are so iconic that it takes three to perform” The View‘s musical tribute to the genre.

Hostin then welcomed Fresh, Rob Base, The Sugarhill Gang, and DJ Chill Will to the set, while she and her co hosts — additionally Ana Navarro, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines, and Joy Behar — remained in the audience to dance along.

Sunny Hostin's spouse, The View

After passing of time in the show, Hostin took the stage to interview Fresh, telling him that she saw him perform at her 1st-ever concert “about 35 years ago,” and Fresh reacted enthusiastically when Hostin told him that he influenced her “fly girl fashions back in the day.”

Just earlier the episode concluded, Hostin decided to take the stage with the performers as they launched into another song, with Fresh breaking from behind the group as the credits rolled and danced near Hostin for a brief moment before the show cut out.

Sunny and Manny, a surgeon, tied knot in 1998, 2 years after meeting at a bagel shop following a church service they both attended in Maryland. The duo shares 2 kids together, Paloma and Gabriel — all of whom the cohost enthusiastically talked on the show.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC. Listen to the Behind the Table podcast above.

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