Breaking Down Harry Styles’ Shaved Head: What Fans Need to Know

Harry Styles, caught on camera with shaved head at a U2 concert in Las Vegas, with his rumoured girlfriend, Taylor Russell.

He is a recipient of Grammy award, he said bye to his curly mop hairs to a fresh buzz, as per to image obtained by paparazzi.

According to the reports, The Don’t Worry darling actor,29-year-old, planned to slay the dramatic new look at a U2 concert at a Sphere in Las Vegas, where he seen with his rumored girlfriend, ‘Bones’ and ‘All’ actress Taylor Russell.

The reason behind his shaved head is not yet cleared by him or neither by his close one. Also it’s not clear when exactly he shaved off his curly hairs, or exactly why he decided to do so, but one thing’s for sure that his fans are mourning the Harry’s signature look.

Styles’ hair look has been through with many eras, additionally the time he decided rock shoulder grazing strands in year 2015.Harry Styles--IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

And the one cut that has struck for the past few years has been his coiffed mixed waves, which saw him through his mega Love on Tour concert series.

A media outlet talked with his hairstylist, Ayae Yamamoto, the lady behind styles on stage slaying looks, on how she handled a man with such esteem.

Styles’ hairstylist revealed;

“His Hair is so Nice! He’s such an energetic performer and he moved a lot on stage, so I have to manage things accordingly, when I get him ready.

He shakes his head around while performing on stage, so I have to think about that movement when I’m doing his hair, Yamamoto said!

I truly consider the location of the show and the current weather, the humidity makes a difference when it’s an outdoor show. We began with wet hair and I try to use drying products to counteract the movement and sweat.

It’s important water-resistant products- I don’t want his hair to look dry- but stuffs that will keep his hair looking shiny and natural everytime.Harry Styles--IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

If it’s not enough product, his hair could fall flat, but sometimes his hair can get really curly. I love to have it keep the curls and volume.

Obviously, being a hairstylist of one of the most popular heads of hair in the world, Yamamoto feel like some pressure on her shoulder to get it right.

The Fans are so passionate about his hair style, at starting it made me sad. But now, I received a lot of nice messages and it makes me so happy.

When people compliment his hair, it’s a compliment for me, and it makes me so glad, like, Yeah, I’m doing something right.

They are such a big fans and they know his hair very well, so I want to do always right by them, because now I am such a big harry fan too. ”

 Why did Harry styles shave his hair?

A haircut is just a haircut, and may be he solely feel like a change or needed a break from styling hair everyday.

How Harry styles started his career?

Harry Edward styles, born on 1 February, 1994, he is an English Singer. He started his career in music industry in 2010, he was a member of a One Direction (a boy band formed on the British Music competition series The X Factor.)Harry Styles--IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

Harry Styles Relationships.

Harry Styles dated a TV presenter Caroline Flack, from November 2011 to January 2012, their relationship stirred controversy because she was 14 years older than him.

After Caroline Flack, he dating American Singer-Songwriter, Taylor Swift later in 2012, leading to fan and media speculation about them writing songs about each other after their breakup.

From 2017 to 2018, he dated a French American Model, Camille Rowe.

He also dated a actress and director Olivia Wilde from January 2021 to 2022.

Rolling stones said, in 2022 that, if Styles is already held to an standard his potential partners are held to an unreachable one for some of his fans.

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