Inside Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez’s Relationship and Engagement Announcement.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, born January 12, 1964, he is an American entrepreneur, media proprietor and investor. He is the founder, executive chairman, & Ex-President and CEO of Amazon, the world’s biggest E-Commerce and Cloud Computing company.

His net worth of US$162 billion as of November 2023, Bezos is the 3rd wealthiest person in the world and was the wealthiest from 2017 to 2021, as per to both the Bloomberg Billionaires Index & Forbes.

Lauren Wendy Sanchez who was born in December 19, 1969, he is an American media personality who gained fame as an entertainment reporter & news anchor.

Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez’s engagement party in Beverly Hills was a swanky affair attended by a who’s who of Hollywood. According to Vogue, the party was held at designer Diane Von Furstenberg and businessman Barry Diller’s home in Beverly Hills.IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE--jeff bezos

The Magazine took exclusive images of the soiree, showing celebs like Oprah Winfrey, Salma Hayek & Kris Jenner rubbing elbows with the couple.

The couple are so much in love with each other, they are demonstrably in love, Diller said Vogue. She’s lit him up in the nicest ways. She’s a great tonic.

The couple engaged about 4 years after the Amazon founder started dating Sanchez following his separation from Ex-Wife and writer Mackenzie Scott. Bezos, have a son with her Ex-partner.

Guests of Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Engagement Party.

The Guests at the engagement party additionally actors Barbra Streisand and Robert Pattinson, recording artist jewel, models Suki Waterhouse & Miranda Kerr, and designer sarah Staudinger.

Because, whose worth was estimated to be at $166 billion as of Tuesday, and sanchez are good friends with von Furstenberg & Diller, the outlet stated.

What did Lauren Sanchez wear to her Engagement Day??

A Albuquerque, New Mexico native, Sanchez, wore a white, off the shoulder mini dress with a basque waistline by Laura Basci, Bezos wore a dark T-shirt under a light colored blazer.

The Romantic Side of Jeff Bezos: How He Proposed to Lauren???

Bezos, who is currently 59-year-old, popped the question to Sanchez, 53, during a yacht trip to the Cannes film Festival in May, when he hid a box containing a $2.5 million pink engagement ring under her pillow, Sanchez shared with a media outlet.IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE--jeff bezos

Sanchez told the outlet, that when he opened the box, I think I blacked out a bit.

When will the Couple get Married?

The duo, have not announced anything about their marriage, and where they plan to marry but shared some details with Vogue.

The couple stated:

We’re still thinking about the marriage, what is going to be, Is it going to be Big? Is it going to be overseas? We don’t know yet, she added, saying that she is now thinking more about Bezos 60th Birthday in January.

She said, she does plan on taking Bezos last name 100 percent.

She told to Vogue, I’m looking forward to being Mrs. Bezos.

Where will the couple live??

Bezos stated, that he and his fiancé Sanchez would be moving to Florida. He said he wanted to live in Miami to be closer to his parents and the Cape Canaveral operations of Blue Origin, his space exploration company.

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