The Impact of Billie Eilish’s ‘Barbie’ song, ‘What I Made for You’ on Her Artistic Journey.

This is kind of Deep, Billie Eilish recently says, I was reading Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. The 21-year-old young Vocalist is snuggled on a couch at a LA (Los Angeles) studio, seating in a black pants, black & red hair- and sets down the acai bowl in her hands to describe.

It’s literally horrifying. Like, all of it is the most devastating suicide, I have heard ever. He was such a pure soul and talent.

Billie says of the late Nirvana frontman, and I feel so much deep, deep, deep sadness for him and his life and where it went.

In that letter he’s like, I like everything in the world, and I absolutely hate it. He was so ashamed that he was not enjoying it. He wrote he dosen’t like anything.

She added- now I get why he was feeling that way, she says, it’s just not what you think it’s going to be.

I didn’t wake up this morning burning with the dreams to complain about being a world famous singer.Billie Eilish--IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

Which is what she’s been since her 2019 debut, “When We all Fall Asleep,” “Where Do We Go,” went quadruple-platinum & made her the very youngest person In history to received the GRAMMY AWARD, four major categories in a single night.

Even as someone beat for bringing a welcome element of gloom to the bubbly Top 40, she knows well, that whining from a place of advantage can be a bad look.

Because I have questioned Billie, to explain the emotional phase that inspired her latest single, the bleakly gorgeous, “What Was I made for?” in which she sings about having forgotten how to be happy over the saddest sounding piano chords, in the world.

Billie spoke out over the loneliness of success!!

Cobain, who died in 1994, comes up as an artist she and her brother-producer, Finneas O’Connell, look to often for his understanding of the loneliness of success.Billie Eilish--IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

Billie says- it’s an existential crisis vibe where you could be sitting in a room with lots of people you love, she added, and you’re like, oh my god what the f___  is happening with my life?

Should it come as a surprise that this ballad of a young celebrity woman’s disillusionment arrived as part of Hollywood juggernaut that is “Barbie”? Greta Gerwig’s pretty-in-pink blockbuster is filled with music, additionally streaming hits by Dua Lipa, Charli XCX & the pair of Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice.

Most of the movie’s songs share its bubbly spirit & sleek surfaces; yet “what Was I Made For?” is different: smaller, slower, infinitely more introspective.

It is said by Gerwig that she asked, Eilish and O’Connell to write “Barbie’s heart song ___ the song that is deep inside her core that she dosen’t even totally know is there but that she starts to hear more clearly throughout the movie.

“The director remember receiving the siblings’ demo, with just Eilish’s voice and O’Connell on piano. It’s completely wrecked me, Gregwig says, that she suddenly played it for her partner, Noah Baumbach, with whom she wrote the film, and for others involved with the production. Their Verdict? “We all cried.”

Eilish, who as a SAG-AFTRA member was barred from talking “Barbie” on this day weeks before the actors, strike was resolved, contends she didn’t have herself in mind when she wrote “What Was I Made For?” prior this year.Billie-Eilish--IMAGE SOURCE GOOGLE

I was thinking about a portrayal from her point of view, she says___ Barbie, in other words, who over the course of Gerwig’s movie comes to felt that perfection is not real.

Says Gerwig of the song: “It becomes a theme for Barbie’s whole awakening.”

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