Tyrese Gibson, is one of the most known actor and his voice in America.

He is an American actor and vocalist. His fans loved him so much and supports him. His first debut which was in 1998, which featured the single “Sweet Lady”, the song head at number 12 on the U. S. Billboard Hot 100.

Gibson’s 2nd and 3rd song came in year 2000 Watts And I Wanna Go There, were released in 2001 and 2002, most probably.

Tyrese Gibson’s full name is Tyrese Darnell Gibson (who born in December 30, 1978). He’s an American actor and vocalist. He had done a lot of songs in the career which included, I Wanna Go There, How You Gonna Act Like That, Alter Ego, Black Rose.

His song, How you gonna act like that, became the topest-charting solo, at the number 7 on the Billboard chart. His album Alter Ego, explored the industry, and he was nominated for Grammy Award For Best R&B Album.


His debut, film’s portrayal, was John Singleton’s  Coming Of Age Hood Film Baby Boy in the year 2001, and after his movie career has began we saw him in Fast And Furious Franchise As Roman Pearce. This portrayal is all time fan’s favourite. Tyrese reunited with Singleton for the film Four Brothers in the year 2005, and he plays the portrayal of Robert Epps in Transformer Franchise.After, appearing in the comedy film which is titles as Ride Along 2 in the year 2016, and also he played a role in the Superhero movie named as Morbius  in 2022.

He was the favorite kid of his family, tyrese’s mom loved him so much as he said once in an interview. Tyrese was born and grown in Watts city, Los Angeles, California. His mom, named, Priscilla Murray Gibson, also raised his 3 elder siblings as a single parent later the separation with tyrese’s father.

His dad name was Tyrone Gibson. Actually the connection between his parents were not quite good, they  always everywhere, and always blame each other some resources also said that his father had an extra relationship so he left them alone and moved to his new partner. But it’s not reported by Tyrese Gibson, so may be it can be a fake news.

Gibson’s career began when he auditioned for a Coca-Cola Commercial, his music teacher of high school suggested him. In, 1994 Cola Cola ads, where he sang the phrase “Always Coca-Cola”,  the phrase become very known and led him to biggest fame. He also did plays on other appearances, like Guess and Tommy Hilfiger.

In early 1998, he signed as an artist to RCA Records. After, he launched his first single “NOBODY ELSE”. It truly Sudden led on the Billboard Hot 100, chart and at no 36. On September 29,1998, he launched his own titled song Tyrese at the age of just 19. It first name on the billboard charts at no. 17.

Later in 1998, Gibson became the new host of the weekday music video show named mtv jams on channel MTV. Later he launched his 2nd hit song which is titled as “LATELY”. It become at the no. 56 on Billboard Hot 100. He also received the Grammy Award for best R&B Male Voice performance. Finally his album goes on to be certified platinum.

In 2005, singleton and collaborated for the 3rd time when tyrese Co-starred in the action crime film, Four Brothers with Mark Wahlberg. IMAGE SOURCE -GOOGLE

In, 2009, Tyrese co-created a 3 issue comic book which is named as TYRESE GIBSON’S MAYHEM! After being inspired by his appearance to comic con. He launched so many books such as, HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, MONOLOGY: SECRETS OF YOUR MAN’S MIND REVEALED. THESE TWO BOOKS WENT ON TO BE A NEW YORK’S TIMES BESTSELLERS.

Gibson’s married life was not so long. In 2017 he married to Norma Mitchell and 2 years later in 2019 they separated their paths from each other, because things not happened as they planned. He also had a daughter with Norma Mitchell, who was born in 2007.

Later, in January 2017, gibson purchased a $4 million house in Atlanta, Georgia. And he got married to Samantha Lee on February 14,2017. They also had a girl who was born in October 1, in 2018. But later in December 2020, they two officially announced  about their separation.

His net worth Income is $21 Million, and his annual income is $6 Million, his film income is $3 million, Gibson’s music earning is $4 Million, he had 5 luxury houses. His latest movie in which Tyrese gibson was performed are BLACK AND BLUE, FAST & FURIOUS 9, BABY BOY, TRANSFORMER. THE LAST KNIGH and THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, these are the films in which you can see him.

Not so far, the Fast and Furious lead role, Vin Diesel showed support over his fellow franchise co star Tyrese Gibson, on instagram ahead of the film release of Faxt X.  In 2017, At time of custody battle of his daughter with his former-wife Norma Mitchell, Jada and will Smith gave Tyrese $5 Million, a large amount of money to provided the fees in his custody battle.

Tyrese said that he was prescribed that depression medication later losing custody of his lovely 1st born daughter, Shayla, with Norma Mitchell. I never lived at one place, I was tensed because being away from my shayla, for 100 days, Tyrese said, I was out of my mind, so my doctor suggests me to take meds because I barely sleep, and to stablize my nature.

He blamed himself for a worst reaction to his depression and stress meds for why he falsely claimed that Will Smith gave him $5 Million for his custody battle with his former- wife Norma Mitchell, but after 6 years Gibson, stated he fabricated the claims while under the influence of the stress meds.

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