A British vocalist, songwriter & guitarist, Denny Laine died at, 79 .

Due to interstitial lung disease in Naples, Florida, on Dec 5, 2023.

Laine was married to Elizabeth Mele in July 2023 

The duo shared their wedding news through singer’s Facebook page. 

The couple resided at Florida 

Elizabeth, announced the tragic news, through his official facebook & instagram page 

She wrote- My world would never be the same, 

She Added: He made my days colourful, fun & full of life-just like him.

As the famous musician died, tributes continued to flood social media.

 Elizabeth Hines stated;

We both believed he would overcome his health setbacks.

 Unfortunately, his lung disease, Interstitial Lung Disease, is unpredictable & aggressive,

Each infection weakened & damaged his Lungs.