Janet jackson’s Family, Marriage, and Struggles..

Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born in year 1966 May-16. She is a talented vocalist, songwriter, actress and dancer. She is known for her innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative records, also as elaborate stage shows. Her voice and dancing became a catalyst in the growth of MTV, enabling her head to prominence while breaking gender and racial barriers in the process.

She’s a role model for youth, lyrical content which focused on social matters and lived experience set her as inspiration.

Janet had made her debut at the MGM Grand. She starred in the variety tv series THE JACKSON in 1976 and goes on to appear in other tv shows. While all of her 1970s and earlier 1980s, including GOOD TIMES, DIFFERENT STROKES and FAME. After, her signing a recording contract with A&M RECORDS in 1982, she became a pop icon follow in release of her 3rd and 4th studio albums CONTROL 1986 AND RHYTHM NATION 1814(1989).

She has sold over 100 million records, making her biggest world’s best selling music art. Janet, has amassed a great catalog, such as, NASTY, RHYTHM NATION, THAT’S THE WAY LOVE GOES, TOGETHER AGAIN and ALL FOR YOU. These are her popular and very loving music of her career. People love janet so much and as well as her music.

She’s one of the only vocalist in whole history of the chart to have seven commercial singles from one album (RHYTHM NATION 1814) peak within the top five positions. In 2008, billboard placed her on number 7 on there list of Hot 100 till date she’s a top artists, and in 2010 she came over to her 5th among the top 50 R&B/HIP-HOP Artist of past 2 decades.


Her name has also placed in the magazine for 2nd most successful dance club artists after MADONNA in year 2016 December. She has received 5 Grammy Awards, eleven Billboard music Awards, eleven American Music Awards, and also a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame, and 8 Guinness World Records entries. In the year 2019, she have mentioned herself by her struggle to the ROCK AND ROLL HALL FAME.

JANET DAMITA JO JACKSON, she was born in May 16, 1966 in Gary Indiana. She was the youngest 10th child in the Jackson family and she was the most talented one in whole member of the family, and we all are gonna be eye witness of this era to tell this kind of talent to our upcoming generation and her records that she had made by herself. Her family were used to lived in a two bedroom house on Jackson street.

Her mom who’s name is Katherine Esther Jackson, played clarinet and piano, has aspired to be a country and western performer. She also worked at sears. Her dad, Joseph walter joe jackson, he was a former boxer, was a crane operator at US steel and also played guitar with a local rhythm and blues the Falcons to supplement the family’s income.

Janet’s grandfather, July Jack Gale was a US Army scout. Janet raised with her two sisters and six brothers who’s names are ( Jackiee, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Randy, and Michael). Her brother Marlon’s twin Brandon passed away later of his birth.

Her brother began performing as the Jackson 5 in Chicago Gary area in march 1969, the dealed with Motown, and soon had their 1st number one hit. The whole family of Jackson’s moved to neighborhood Los Angeles in Encino. Jackson wanted to become a horse racing jockey Or entertainment lawyer. She was predict to grow a career in entertainment world.

When Janet was 18 year old she met with singer James DeBarge in September 1984. They started dating and then they decided to tie their knots in vows of wedding and they got married in November 1985. In year 1986 Jackson started dating with dancer and a songwriter René Elizondo jr. On March 31, 1991, Janet married to Elizondo Jr.


and they planned to keep their marriage secret until the divorce with James DeBarge was announced. But stuffs not goes as they planned and the couple separated in January 1999, and were divorced in 2003. Elizondo sued her, estimated to have been between $10-25 million, which didn’t reach a settlement until that year.

And after sometimes later she started dating producer/rapper/songwriter Jermaine Dupri from 2002 to 2009. Janet was introduced to Qatari business wissam Al Mana in 2006, and started dating him in 2010. The duo engaged and started living secretly in 2012. She gave a birth to a son in January 2017. And in April 2017, they officially announced of their separation.

It seems like that Janet’s luck is not on her side in any marriage. Her many records and awards are the testimony to the fact that she’s a great lady. She is the inspiration for young womens , her fans always admire her. Her songs became trending just after few seconds of launching officially. People also love her by her attitude and kindness.

Her fans always praised her she have won tons of people’s hearts widely. Who don’t know Janet Jackson ? It is a well known name all around the world.  Janet was the youngest member of the Jackson’s family who was born in 1966, and Janet would later challenge her brother Michael to be one of the pop’s huge stars in 1980s.


Janet left soon after to start work on Tyler Perry’s why did I get married too. She was on set in Atlanta when she got the call that her brother Michael had passed. She returned to Los Angeles plunging headlong into a private family grief served up to a ravenous public. Janet was so attached to her brother Michael they two were best friends as she addressed in a interview while questioning about brother Michael she said we were best friends and always shared each others thoughts and personal matters. I miss my brother so much. I have best memories.

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